Boston 2010 Scholar: Shavon Ajanee McBynum

Shavon is passionate about dance and abstract art, because she feels that they have no boundaries. She is currently a student at Mother Caroline Academy and believes that Med-O-Lark will help her both socially and personally.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Emily Rosas

Emily found an interest in videography while making films of pets at home. She is hoping to add to this interest at camp by taking classes in drawing, photography, and creative writing. Although Emily can be shy at school, she is confident she will make great friends at Appel Farm.

Boston 2010 Scholar: Jacarea Lee Garraway

Jacarea attends the Mission Hill School and recently won an award at her school's art competition. She is hoping to translate this success to camp Med-O-Lark, where she is eager to participate in different activities while making friends from all different backgrounds.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Jazmin Roman

Jazmin loves to dance latin and hip-hop and is ready to perform! She's well on her way, as she recently played Sandy in PS188's performance of Grease. She is not only a star on the stage, but also in the classroom; she has one of the highest averages in her 6th grade math class. Although Jazmin has never been to sleepaway camp, she thinks it will be a lot of fun and a great way to refine her talents.

Boston 2010 Scholar: Geraldine Galvis

Geraldine attends Mother Caroling Academy and is interested in pottery, drawing, design. She hopes to hone these skills at camp to help her achieve her dream: to be a clothing designer to the rich and famous! Geraldine is also looking forward to spend time out in nature and to meet new people.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Danny Rodriguez

Danny is looking forward to experiencing nature up close at camp, as he has spent most of his summers inside playing video games. His favorite character is the HULK because it inspires him to confront his problems head-on. Danny is interested in theater, visual arts and media arts.

Boston 2010 Scholar: Dimitri Cesar

Dimitri attends Nativity Prep and is respected among his peers. He credits his involvement in the arts to his brother. He believes that camp Med-O-Lark will give him the opportunity to try new things and learn new skills.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Ambar Popa

Ambar spends a lot of time drawing in her sketchbook but is eager to learn about what other materials she can use to create art. She has always been interested in sculpture because she likes the idea of working with clay to make different forms and shapes. At Appel Farm, Ambar will have the opportunity to explore drawing, sculpture, and more!

Boston 2010 Scholar: Ashaley Stephen Catalano

Ashaley currently attends Nativity Prep and has developed an interest in art through his classes at school, including one on African drumming. He loves to paint and scult in his free time at home. Ashaley is looking forward to not only the art classes at camp, but also the fencing, water-skiing and archery programs.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Brittany Pena

Brittany is a hard working student at PS/MS 188, as well as a caring sister to her autistic 6 year old brother. She has some experience with sketching and sculpture but is looking forward most to explore painting. At camp, Brittany wants to make new friends and learn to create art in ways she never thought possible.