Boston 2010 Scholar: Beatrice Cabrera

Beatrice currently attends Mother Caroline Academy and she enjoys playing soccer and reading in her free time. By the end of the summer, Beatrice hopes to have tried her hand at playing an instrument, taking sculpting classes, and participating in a variety of water activities.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Lissette Nunez

Lissette is eager to explore dance, visual arts, music (singing) and theater at Appel Farm. She works very hard at school to excel both academically and artistically and is looking forward to furthering her art with others with the same interests. In her spare time, Lissette likes to read vampire novels.

Boston 2010 Scholar: Cora Burwell

Cora currently attends Mission Hill, but has been involved in the arts since kindergarten. She has always loved to draw, and is particularly interested in the style of Japanese animation. In addition to honing her arts skills, Cora is looking forward to trying new things at camp, such as horseback riding and water-skiing.

NYC 2010 Scholar: ShaiAnn Lubelli

ShaiAnn loves to draw during her spare time and is interested in studying the visual arts at camp. She also loves to sing and dance and recently got to show off her talents in a production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, with recent budget cuts to her school's art program and 5 siblings at home, ShaiAnn does not have as much time to devote to the arts as she would like. She is looking forward to having the time to really concentrate on her art and to meet new friends.

Boston 2010 Scholar: Gaddi Fils Aime

Gaddi is a student at Nativity Prep who is actively involved in the arts at his local YMCA. He is looking forward most to improving his articistic abilities while exploring Mother Nature at camp Med-O-Lark.

NYC 2010 Scholar: Elijah Jacob Charbonier

Elijah is a 6th grader at TASS Middle School and has always had a love for music. Teachers describe him as a natural born leader who does best when expressing himself through art, music, and writing. Although he has not been able to receive any formal training or to attend music performances, he has taught himself the drums and is eager to learn the guitar. Appel Farm will offer Elijah a unique opportunity to improve his skills and to explore new talents.

Scholar-a-Day Countdown!!

GOTO is running a blog-a-thon to celebrate the new class of scholars! Starting today, June 17th, and continuing every day for the next 10 days leading up to camp, we'll be updating the blog with bios on each new NYC and Boston scholar. Make sure to check out the blog every day to learn more about our amazing kids!!

Appel Farm Exec Director Honored

The Executive Director of Appel Farm Arts & Music Summer Camp (GOTO New York's partner camp) Mark Packer, received the Lillian Levy Standing Ovation Award, the South Jersey Cultural Alliance’s highest honor, for his leadership in supporting the region and the State’s arts and cultural organizations.

GOTO NYC's Class of 2010

GOTO NY has selected the new class of lucky sixth graders who'll be making the trek to Elmer, New Jersey this summer!