Saturday, August 13th, was an incredibly fun day at Appel Farm Arts & Music camp! Ten GOTO volunteers attended the annual trip to camp to visit scholars enrolled in the second session. The scholars ranged from first timers to those attending their third and last Summer session. Once the volunteers settled in at camp, we were joined by the camp directors, camp founder Albert Appel and scholars in Appel Farm's art gallery. We went around the room to introduce ourselves and allowed the scholars to share with us their experience at camp so far. We learned about the classes they were taking, performances thus far and what they were planning for the upcoming performance week which happens during the last week at camp. There was a lot of excitement in the room as the students described what they have been able to create and learn over the Summer.

The volunteers were fortunate enough to see firsthand what our scholars are studying at Appel Farm. We were divided up among the students and able to attend their minor 1 and minor 2 classes. Some of the classes included street dance, sculpture (which included glass and welding), beginning guitar, costume and set design, vocal performance, super heros (students create and act out the super hero character they developed), theater, fashion accessories design and rock band.

It's always a joy to be in that creative and supportive environment with our scholars. Though GOTO volunteers only spend a couple of hours there, the annual trip always leaves an impact of purpose. What an amazing opportunity we as a group are able to provide. Now the school year begins with the chance for teachers to nominate 6th graders - some of whom will become the next class of GOTO scholars. Volunteers are already looking forward to next year's trip!

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