1) How did you first hear about GOTO?

I heard about GOTO from a fantastic ray of sunshine! Christine Pecorella and I were at a party one day where I was discussing how I had a passion for fundraising and wanted to volunteer my time. She mentioned GOTO and invited me to a bi-annual meeting. What intrigued me was the concept of having a young professionals volunteer organization. I had never known of that style non-profit. After attending the meeting, I was hooked. The presentations, ideas, discussions were so organized, exciting, and lively! The experience was gratifying and I knew this was a solid organization I wanted to be associated with.

2) What were your roles while you were a GOTO volunteer?

I served on the Development Committee. I wrote thank you letters, brainstormed ideas about recognition events, and other related duties. And, when there was a call to action, I was there volunteering my time. Whether it be stamping envelopes or attending meetings on how to make GOTO more visible, I helped in any way that I could. I'd recruit people to join, invite people to the mixers, galas, and parties. Having these duties gave me a sense of pride in the organization. I felt like I was helping build GOTO to a visible, stronger, more successful organization.

3) What have you been up to since joining GOTO's alumni?

Well, a lot I must say. It's been about 2 years or so. I went to school to get my masters in Fundraising Management from Columbia University. GOTO was instrumental in my academic projects. Thank you GOTO!!! After graduation, I decided to make a career change to a position in Development/Fundraising. So now, while making the switch I have joined another grassroots team, as the co-chair of the Events and PR committee for Stop Child Trafficking NOW (http://www.sctnow.org/). GOTO sparked a passion in me that I've been able to transfer to other grassroots charities. The mission, the volunteers, and the dedication were all factors that encouraged me to keep up my volunteer efforts and help recreate them in other causes. Thank you GOTO!!!

4) What was your favorite GOTO moment?

Well, it may be a little sappy. But, oh well! I was with my friend at the annual gala. I believe it was Casino Night. There was good music, good fun, good people all around. The band stopped playing and a young girl got on stage. She started speaking about GOTO and what it meant for her. Right then, I knew that it was all worth it. The proof was in the pudding, so to speak. She spoke so eloquently and passionately about her experience. I teared up because she touched my heart. She allowed me to realize that GOTO's mission isn't touch and go. It isn't a onetime offer. GOTO provides an experience that will last a lifetime. And all the while, I thought what we were doing was changing their lives for the better. When, in fact, they were changing mine.

5) Where do you see GOTO twenty years from now?

I see GOTO as a model organization for young philanthropists. GOTO will be used as a non-profit that other grassroots, volunteer run charities model themselves after. Others will want their organizations to have the same tight-knit networking groups, dedicated board, successful programs, and committed volunteers as GOTO. They will emulate GOTO's start up efforts because GOTO has proven success! GOTO will have expanded to several more cities, received numerous grants and awards, and have a waiting list of volunteers!

BONUS QUESTION: If GOTO sent you to Arts & Music Summer Camp, what would be your major?

That's pretty easy for me. Acting/Drama. I studied that in undergrad, so I'd say I still have a passion for the craft! :-)

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