1) How did you first hear about GOTO?

I heard about GOTO from one of the GOTO Godfathers, Jay Liddell, shortly after I moved to NYC in 2000. We were friends from college and I was looking for something to donate my time and money to in the city. When I first heard about the idea, I thought it was simple…and genius…simply genius! There are so many young professionals in New York who want to have fun, meet other people, and do something good for the world. GOTO does all 3 in a very easy and fresh way.

2) What were your roles while you were a GOTO volunteer?

I’ve served in a bunch of different roles over the span of almost 10 years! I started as GOTO NY’s first development director, which I did until 2004. I took a brief hiatus when I moved up to Boston in 2004, then rejoined GOTO in late 2005 as GOTO Boston’s development director. I later served as GOTO Boston’s president and GOTO Boston’s Volunteers director. Most recently, I was a board member.

3) What have you been up to since joining GOTO’s alumni?

I haven’t been away that long yet, but, I definitely plan to continue to support GOTO!

4) What was your favorite GOTO moment?

Definitely the summer trips to visit the camps. I’ve been to both Appel Farm in NJ and Medolark in Maine and both are fantastic. It’s really fun to see GOTO’s efforts directly put into action in helping young folks have a great summer…where they learn and make new friends. I especially loved how it seemed like GOTO’s scholars were the kings & queens of the camp!

5) Where do you see GOTO twenty years from now?

I see GOTO serving 5 different cities (maybe SF, Chicago and Dallas are next????) and 250 scholars each summer, all supported by a million dollar + annual budget and 100+ active volunteers.

BONUS QUESTION: If GOTO sent you to Arts & Music Summer Camp, what would be your major?

Drums. I tried in high school and was never very good. I want to give it another go!

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