GOTO Winter Galas and Halloween Spooktaculars come and go; and we have our personal reasons to attend or volunteer or devote time out of our extremely busy schedules. But when the time comes when we meet the scholars and their families, and most especially hear personal testimonials from the young scholars themselves – we all come to realize the value of our action and how decisions can influence, and dramatically change many lives.

Clementina Nyarko, a former 3 year scholar, recently wrote a personal letter to share her sincerest gratitude to GOTO NYC for selecting her as a scholar. It’s because of scholars like Clementina that GOTO continues to do what we do best.

Dear GOTO Volunteers,

The other day I realized that for the past 3 years, around this time I would be filling out applications for summer camp. When I had that thought I also realized that if it wasn't for all of you, I would not have had such great opportunities and blessings. It really is amazing what you all do: you give kids like me who don't come from a rich background an opportunity of a life time. You send us to such amazing camps such as Appel Farm and give us a chance to be free from all expectations placed on us at home. While I was at Appel Farm I got the chance to be a kid, make new friends, and even try new things (such as Fashion Design and Photography). I really cannot express enough how grateful and thankful I am for what you have done and given me--especially considering the economic status our country was in awhile ago. This program gave me the chance to grow as a person and even help others to come out of their shell and try new things. This letter does not even come close to the gratitude I owe you. From the bottom of my family, friends and my own heart I really want to say thank you and if there's anything I can do so that another child can have an experience like mine, please let me know. I also hope and pray that all the time and money you spent shall be tripled so that you all can continue to do this for many kids.

Thank you so much!


Clementina Nyarko

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