Back in June of last year, gosince01 interviewed the Swiss graphic artist Grotesk. He spoke about his creative influences & shared advice for GOTO's young aspiring artists.

This week, Grotesk & a team of artists linked up with Quentin Tarantino to help raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Each artist was asked to create their own poster art based off their interpretation of Tarantino's film "Inglorious Basterds."

Only six of each print were created, and each was numbered and signed by Tarantino. On February 18th, patrons previewed and purchased the “Lost Art of Inglorious Basterds” at The Upper Playground Art Gallery in Downtown L.A. All proceeds from this program were donated to The American Red Cross to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.

Grotesk's (pretty awesome) submission is seen above. To check out all of the artwork, click here.

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