As our 2009 Annual Meeting came to a close, Jenzia Burgos’s father (Victor) rose to his feet and delivered a passionate plea. Jenzia (‘09) was only three months removed from her first GOTO-funded summer camp experience, and Victor’s appreciation for GOTO’s impact was clear…

“Schools have been cutting art, music, shop- anything that has to do with creativity. When I went to school you had that, and now that is all disappearing. This program is a way of keeping that alive… Don’t stop! It is something that our kids desperately need and it is vital to their enhancement of themselves becoming creative human beings.”

In 2010, we’re adopting Victor’s plea as our theme for GOTO supporters: Don’t stop.

Your support during what has been a difficult economic year has been incredible, but you can’t stop now. With your continued support in 2010, we’ll be able to keep giving opportunities to others into the next year and beyond. So please consider making a donation to GOTO this holiday season. Gifts of every size make a difference.

And if you're looking for more a more dynamic sales pitch on reasons to give to GOTO, check out this video.

Happy Holidays!

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