Author, & ESPN the Magazine columnist, 'podcaster' and now costume consultant? Bill Simmons has some advice for all of you who are still searching for that perfect costume for GOTO’s Halloween Costume Ball.

He recently answered the following question from one of his readers:

I'm a 24-year-old female looking for a Halloween costume that (a) isn't skanky (does that exist anymore??) and (b) will piss off as many people in NYC as possible. I'm from MA and it goes without saying a huge NE sports fan and somehow got sucked into living and working in Times Square for the past two years so I'd love a costume that would further alienate myself from the people in this city. Suggestions??

Check out the Sports Guy’s latest column (and scroll to the bottom) for his four suggestions.

Come to think of it, maybe his suggestions are better suited for our Boston Halloween Costume Ball ...

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