Militini is a born and bred Georgia Peach spending her twenty-something year-old days moonlighting as a "New Yorker" amidst the bright lights in this big city. She’s also GOTO’s resident Fashion Correspondent.

After Rock the Boat Basin, she’ll be weighing in on the best dressed men and women of the night. But for now, here are 5 Questions for Militini ...

1. Young professionals in New York City have so many social options to choose between every night of the week. What can a fundraising party offer to stand out here?

A fundraising party that chooses a creative venue (like the Boat Basin - anywhere outdoors when the weather is nice is always appealing) and brings together young professionals interested in meeting new people in the name of a worthy cause, is a winner in my book.

2. Why do you think there are so many fundraisers in New York City? Is it like that in Atlanta as well?

I think there are so many fundraisers in NYC because this is a city filled with go-getters, many of whom are out to change the world for the better. Combine this notion with the fact that our city is a melting pot of diverse interests, cultures and backgrounds, and you get a plethora of unique organizations seeking to make a difference in the community.

Atlanta, like New York, is also a very social city so there are a lot of fundraising events. But most of these events are for the same handful of philanthropic organizations. I lived in Charlotte for awhile as well where there are also a lot of fundraisers, but again, you don't have the options to choose from when selecting an organization to be involved with like you do in NYC.

3. What are the greatest differences between NYC fundraisers & Southern fundraisers?

A) The Southern fundraisers serve sweet tea and Chick-fil-A chicken nugget platters, whereas NYC is deprived of both of these things, and B) You are less likely to meet new people at fundraising events in the South because, chances are, you're probably related to most of the people there anyway. Kidding! (I can joke about silly southern stereotypes because I'm from there, right?)

In all seriousness, I would say that there aren't too many differences between fundraisers north and south of the Mason Dixon. In both places, people are there with intentions to raise money for a good cause, while having a good time in the process.

4. You offer some solid fashion tips on your blog. If a guy wants to make a good impression at our party, what should he be wearing?

If you are a guy attending the upcoming party at the Boat Basin, its best to go with casual attire that is comfortable, yet polished at the same time.

From my southern girl perspective, you can't go wrong with a pair of seersucker shorts and a crisp polo shirt. If that's not your style, wear whatever makes you feel on top of your game (hint, hint--a crumpled up t-shirt with a hole in it and those khaki pants you've had since senior year of high school don't typically indicate "top of game-ness"...just saying).

If you're coming from the office, come as you are, but maybe leave the tie behind.

5. And what would you not be caught dead wearing to our party?

Me personally? I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a Duke Basketball jersey to your party...or ever. (disclaimer: I have personal reasons for this, my comment is not intended as an offense to Duke or anyone who went there).

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