For GOTO's very first summer fundraiser aboard the Peking, we turned to artist William Collieson for the design of our promotional artwork. Mr. Collieson was educated at the Wallasey School of Art in Liverpool and currently lives in Bermuda.

This was our very first attempt at "outsourcing" GOTO's creatives needs to a professional, and we couldn't have been happier with the results.

Given that "Lost At Seaport" was being held aboard a ninety-one year old, four-masted barque, we wanted the artwork to be classy. And we wanted the design to feel summery. We were blown away by what Will produced.

The image at top left was Mr. Collieson's first draft of the campaign artwork. The image to the right is the finished product.

The work is about seven years old, but it still holds up. Thanks again, Will!

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