GOTO started in 2001 as a group of young professionals in their mid-twenties with the energy and resources to give back all on their own. It was about doing good for our community, a community that included the disadvantaged among us. It was about learning for ourselves what it takes to assume a leading role in creating the kinds of change we wanted to see in the world.

Over the years, the organization continued expanding its core outreach program aimed at enhancing artistic literacy and educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, the summer camp experience. We identified the most apt group of scholars we could find who would not otherwise be able to have the experience and raised the necessary resources from our community of enthusiastic supporters and friends.

As we implemented this program year after year, overcoming challenge after challenge, we continually rediscovered the importance of the second part of the mission devised by founder Cameron Snaith- "to enhance involvement of young professionals in philanthropy." We ourselves were part of the project, and we began investing more seriously in ourselves and looking to expand our model to new cities.

That has been the essence of our journey of discovery to date. Every year, we raise a lot of money, select many children and help them go for a summer of self-improvement. We manage the challenges of leadership, teamwork, and friendship- our own work of self-improvement- as we build our lives in city-communities that need all the leadership, teamwork, and friendship they can get.

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