To give all of gosince01's readers an idea of what GOTO's current campers are experiencing, we asked Alex Akulov - a former GOTO scholarship recipient - to walk down memory lane for us. Here are Alex's memories of his first week at Appel Farm ...

I arrived to Appel Farm two weeks late for the second session. I was welcomed to camp with a poster made by my 6 soon to be bunk mates and great friends. I remember getting a tour of the camp, and thinking "can't wait to go in the pool." I remember unpacking my things and then going to get lunch with my bunk buddies.

I especially remember the one hour of quiet time after lunch. Most of the people in my bunk didn't really have "quite time." We had as much fun as we could. We played our gameboys, some cautiously jammed on the guitar, and other wrote letters back to their parents. Thinking back, one of my favorite parts of the day was receiving letters and emails from my family and friends.

I know all the GOTO campers await a lot of fun!

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