1. How did you first hear about GOTO?
I learned of GOTO through Cameron Snaith, Founder. We had met through mutual friends in high school and college in Canada and then reconnected in New York City in 2001 when we had both moved there after graduation.

Cam shared his plans for GOTO and I was anxious to get involved with a young organization focused on enhancing the creative lives of New York city kids.

2. What were your roles while you were a GOTO volunteer?
I served on the Board for five years. I focused on managing the volunteers, filling roles, outlining job descriptions and general planning for New York expansion.

3. What have you been up to since joining GOTO’s alumni?
While in New York, I attended some of the events as a guest. I moved back to Toronto in the Fall 2008 and have remained in contact with GOTO Members and follow their progress and successes through their frequent communications. I've also turned many of my New York friends into loyal event attendees in my absence.

4. What was your favorite GOTO moment?
As I volunteer, my favorite moments were the scholarship recipient events when we awarded our grateful kids their camp scholarships. The excitement generated and the resulting personal growth we saw over the years after they attended camp was the highlight of my time as a volunteer.

And of course the rate at which GOTO has grown. From the first small scale event in 2001 to the huge gala events now held, it has been amazing to see where the organization has gone and how many volunteers and children have benefited from being involved.

5. Where do you see GOTO twenty years from now?
I see GOTO expanding to many more cities (hopefully Toronto where I now reside). Now more than ever, young people are looking for ways to give back. The mission of GOTO will remain relevant as young people continue to seek out ways to get involved, help out and join a like-minded philanthropic community of awesome people. Hopefully some of the scholarship recipients in 15 years will circle back and get involved knowing firsthand how GOTO has shaped their lives as creative individuals.

Bonus 1. If GOTO sent you to Arts & Music Summer Camp, what would be your major?
I would love to do drums because I love percussion and would also love to reconnect with my childhood love for dance - specifically ballet or tap dancing!

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