GOTO Boston’s Scholarship Committee has selected another stellar class of scholarship recipients to attend Camp Med-o-Lark this summer. Check out the abbreviated bios of our latest group of all-stars below …

Ariana Caraballo Martinez: Ariana is looking forward to exploring the visual arts this summer at camp. She is a fan of Picasso and is looking forward to making new friends at Med-o-Lark.

Josue Hurtado: Josue’s passion for the arts is in drawing, and he is looking forward to learning new techniques this summer at camp. He also plays the drums and will bring rhythm to the group. He looks forward to learning how to make jewelry and spending a summer in the fresh air.

Thandiwe Ramsey (Mission Hill): Thandiwe is looking forward to all the wonderful things that Med-o-Lark has to offer. She currently enjoys drawing, dancing, and acting but is excited about trying horseback riding and water skiing. Her whole family enjoys the arts as well and will be excited to see what she creates this summer.

Marina Huenchunir (Excel Academy): Along with dancing, she also has aspirations to learn how to play the guitar and is interested in learning how to dance ballet, a new style for her. She is looking forward to making new friends this summer and trying lots of new activities.

Kevin Quintero (Excel Academy): Kevin enjoys the arts because they make him happy. He is looking forward to playing lots of different sports this summer at Med-o-Lark.

Jaiwaun Haggerty (Mission Hill): Jaiwaun is a fan of drawing and enjoys sketching things he sees. He has been doing Tae-Kwon-Do for six months and is already a yellow belt. He also looks forward to swimming and horseback riding.

Rashad Williams (Nativity Prep): Rashad enjoys the arts because they allow him to express his creativity. He draws comics and has created countless mini flip books. He is very active in sports as well and enjoys football, basketball, baseball, and skateboarding to name a few.

Andrew Felipe Cifuentes (Nativity Prep): Andrew is looking forward to spending the summer doing things he doesn’t get the opportunity to do during the school year. He is an avid skateboarder and loves music. He is a great singer and is looking forward to meeting friends from different backgrounds this summer.

Quang Ho Dang (Nativity Prep): Quang enjoys a number of different activities in the arts including acting, singing, and dancing. His enthusiasm will be a big hit at camp this summer, and he’ll be able to expand on his diverse array of skills.

Charles Anthony Lawrence (Nativity Prep): Charles enjoys acting and was just in a play called “Ben’s Trumpet” and also participated in “Nativity Prep American Idol”. He enjoys acting because it’s a fun way to get out of the house, meet new people, and be creative.

Paola Guzman (Roxbury Prep): Paola uses art to express her feelings and emotions and also to cheer herself up if she’s feeling down. She is looking forward to both meeting new people this summer who come from diverse backgrounds and to learning new things and having fun.

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