If you are a long-time supporter or friend of GOTO, you may have noticed our website has undergone something of a face-lift!

At our leadership retreat in the summer of 2011, GOTO's top brass decided it was time to overhaul the site. With some volunteer elbow-grease and contracted help from Ben LeDonni and his team at Creative:MMS, we got it done. Like so many things done on a volunteer basis, it took a little longer than we planned. Like most everything GOTO does, it turned out incredibly well, if I do say so myself!

Special thanks go to our website committee- Kelsy Hill, Jake Randall, Alexis Lobodocky, Cristina Rosales, and James Holahan.  Thanks also go to our Executive Committee volunteers in New York and Boston for their help in updating all the site content. Also, thanks to Ben Prussky at Freedom Merchants for helping us set up our very own merchant account and making it easier to bring our online donations completely "under the hood." Thanks go to NYC Chapter President Kelsy Hill for that connection.

By the way, shameless plug for Creative MMS, they enabled us to get our project done professionally and affordably, and their patience with our volunteer-driven process is deeply appreciated. As for the quality of their work, I think this site speaks for itself (n.b. they do excellent work!). Thanks also go to our Treasurer Jon Giaramita for making that connection for us.

Finally, thank YOU for taking the time to check out our website. We designed the site around calls to action for a reason- we rely on your help to make GOTO go. One of our core values goes like this, "We believe in 'the power of the ask'- resources await our energy and direction." I am proud to say our website reflects that value more strongly than it ever has before.

So I ask you now- connect with us online and spread the word about our results and vision, consider volunteering, buy a ticket and invite your friends to one of our epic fundraisers, and make a generous donation to directly enhance the growth and development of children in our community.

Through this website, the volunteers of GOTO are offering you an opportunity to make a difference. Take advantage of it- I'm confident you'll be happy you did!



Rainah Berlowitz
Chairman & Executive Director

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