Since 2001, Giving Opportunities to Others (GOTO) has enriched the lives of inner city children by providing scholarships to attend immersive arts camps for three consecutive summers. These arts camps provide a welcoming environment where students can develop their raw talents under the guidance of creative professionals and make new friends outside of their inner city neighborhoods.  GOTO’s scholars gain confidence, self-esteem and a sense of empowerment through a variety of activities in theater, music, visual and media arts, and dance. 

GOTO’s importance isn’t limited to its impact on our kids. The organization is entirely run by volunteers, giving members a unique opportunity to become deeply involved in charity work and give back to their communities. Each of GOTO’s four annual fundraising events offers a remarkable networking opportunity, attracting thousands of young professionals in the New York and Boston areas.

  • Victor Burgos (parent): As Victor Burgos, the father of a recent GOTO scholar, said at one of our annual events: “Schools have been cutting arts, music, shop – anything that has to do with creativity. When I went to school, you had that, and now that is all disappearing. This program is a way of keeping that alive. It is something that our kids desperately need and it is vital to their enhancement of themselves as creative human beings.”